Sunday, March 24, 2013

A "wild" assortment of newer pictures

Hi, everyone -

Sorry we have been a little behind in blogging.  Things have been crazy around here lately.  Here are some of the latest things Kaci and I have done:

First of all, as some of you may know there is a new four legged member in my (Hershey's) family.  My "aunt" and "uncle" got a puppy last summer.  Her name is Jessy and she is extremely energetic.  She is not even a year old and has made life very interesting for her pawrents.

Recently, Grammy celebrated her birthday.  Mama being the tactful person she is does not want to disclose her age.  She will only say that Grammy is in her mid 80's.

The last and really wild thing happened in my back yard.  During a recent snowstorm in February (which was  not a fun one because we had both rain and snow) one of the trees in our next door neighbor's yard uprooted itself and landed partially on the roof of the back of their house.  Papa decided to move our car further back in the driveway because he was pretty nervous about that tree.  It's a good thing he did because our car could have been wiped out in our own driveway.  Anyway, here are some pictures:

The first is Jessy playing with her treat toy, the second is her in the hallway of our house being nosey.  The next two are of the tree in our neighbor's yard.  The last three are of Jessy.  The first two were from her first visit and the last three are from her second visit.  The first is the lesser "devil version" of her and I on the couch.  The second and third are her posing "innocently" in our kitchen.

Sorry we don't have any pictures of Grammy's birthday party.  The humans went out to eat for her birthday while Kaci and I were home.  Enjoy the pictures, everyone.

Love -