Sunday, June 1, 2014

Another trip to Fort Griswold and Mama did a good deed for a neighbor

Hi, everyone -

We hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.  It was a good weekend all around for Mama and I.  Fort Griswold is now officially open and Mama climbed the monument on Memorial Day.  You know the building that looks like this:

Here is another view of the park:

The Friday before Memorial Day Mama was walking in the neighborhood.  She was almost home and a nice lady was a little upset.  She had found a dog wandering in the street and asked us if Mama knew who he belonged to.  Mama had a pretty good idea who the pup belonged to.  She was 100% certain she had seen him before on our street.  The lady and Mama went to the house and knocked on the door but no one answered.

The lady was getting a little distraught because her husband and dog are being treated for cancer at the same time.  She did not want to upset her dog or her husband because of the health issues.  Mama offered to bring the dog to her house and call the Animal Control Officer.  The lady walked with Mama to our house and I (Hershey ) met the nice lady.  I made her feel at home while Mama was helping the pup.  This dog had no ID tags or collar - only a flea collar which made Mama angry.

Mama proceeded to call the Animal Control Officer's office.  The very nice lady who answered the phone could not come out and get the dog because she was not a "field" employee.  She was the dispatcher but she offered to call the police department for Mama.  Mama did not want the dog alone on the street either so she told the lady that would be fine.  Mama was holding the dog and keeping me happy - no small task.  The dog was nervous so Mama put him on the run and let him outside to do his business.  Within 15 minutes the police officer came to the house.  Mama met him and she put the dog in the back seat of the patrol car.  The officer took him to Animal Control.  Later that night the dispatcher got a call from the owner of the dog asking if anyone had seen him.  The dog was reunited with his owner that night.

The next day the officer knocked on our door and told Mama that the dog was safely home.  The officer also has a soft spot for dogs and told Mama that he (the dog) really liked her.  The officer also rescued a dog for him and his family.  He took Mama's name and other info in case she got a reward.  All in all it was a great weekend.  Mama found out that the dog's name is Bernard.  He is part chihuahua and part "doxie" a Lorenza type dog.

Sorry our post is so long!

Love -

Hershey and Kaci