Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More sad news

Hi, everyone -

As you may or may not be aware Lacylulu did not make it through her surgery. Mama, Kaci and I are so sad and heartbroken about this news. We knew Lacylulu for a short time and we will miss her so much. Tributes have been posted on Asta and Hammer's blog.

We are really sad doggies and Mama is upset too. But we are glad that we were able to meet Lacylulu and become pup pals and blogging friends.

Today is also my Grammy's birthday. It is also raining "cats and dogs" please pardon the pun.

Love -


I miss her lots!

Love -



Asta said...

Kaci and Hershey..I want to wish youw Gwama a vewy happy Birfday! I'm so vewy sad about LacyLulu..she was a vewy sweet and good fwiend,I hope my angwl sissy and bwuvvew welcome hew too..I pway fow hew family..I hope you have a gweat weunion with each othew
smoochie kisses,

Hammer said...

Hi Hershey and Kaci
Your tribute to Lacy Lulu is beautiful. Lacy Lulu was a very special friend to all of us and we are going to miss her so very much.
Hope you and your pawrents have a safe and happy time over Easter.
Love from Hammer

Deetz said...

It was so shocking to hear about Lacylulu... She was soooo special!!! I worry about her mum.
I am sorry it keeps raining there...It finally stopped here. Happy Birthday Granny!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Hershey and Kaci.
I am so sad about Lacy Lulu too. She was a wonderful friend and we all will miss her a lot. We are praying for her and her family.
Happy Birthday to your Grandma!
Kisses and hugs

Maya and Kena said...

Hi Hershey and Kaci!
Happy birthday to your granma!!
And yes, we are really sad too about Lacy Lulu (and Bruno too), but like you told us, they are playing together with Bosco right now, and they got to meet each other, so I guess things aren't as bad as they seem to be. (We're glad you liked the tributes we made fur them- and you're mommy is totally right, Lacy Lulu was definitely photogenic!)
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena
PS. Don't worry about the comment you posted to Faya, we don't mind at all!