Monday, October 29, 2012

Blogger is getting on Mama's nerves again

Hi, everyone -

It seems like Blogger is driving Mama crazy.  Since she has major issues with Internet Explorer, she decided to download Google Chrome.   Although she really likes using Google Chrome, it seems like there are issues with Blogger.  She has had difficulty the past two days editing the blog, so she has to use Internet Explorer.  What a pain! 
Then she was editing something and Blogger deleted all of Hershey and Kaci's friends on the blog sidebar.  She has put in as many as she can remember, but we are sure that some of our friends are missing.  If she has offended anyone because Blogger refuses to cooperate she apologizes. 
We hope everyone is staying safe because of Hurricane Sandy.  So far we have had a LOT of wind and some rain has seeped into the basement.  It's going to be a LONG night.
Love -
Hershey and Kaci


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

We understand the 'fun' with IE, Blo(o)ger, and Chrome!

Mom and I akhtually use Chrome fur most of my posts as the issues with IE totally got on our nerves as well!

Sorry 'bout the missing 'stuffs' -

We hope all of woo stay safe when/as Sandy heads your way -


Thor and Jack said...

Sorry to hear your mom is having issues with I.E and Blogger. Sometimes that drive our mom crazy too!
Hope it fix fo you soon. Stay safe, friends.


Thor and Jack

J.R. said...

Wow, I'm go glad to get a warning about Chrome! I shall wait awhile to try it.

Tell you momma I am so sorry to hear about her relative's passing. Give her some extra doggie love in the coming weeks.

from Levi's mom over at the Misadventures of Widowhood blog.

Mitch and Molly said...

We use FireFox and we haven't had any blogger issues, thank doG. We hope you get it straightened out soon!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly